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Field Fencing

 I have great memories of early fencing  projects, some are cases of "how not to fence"! I remember an electric  only fence we installed in VA about 30 feet into the pasture from the  woods. We were going to save a lot of money by using electric only. The  property has regular deer traffic. We assumed the deer would get used to  it and jump over after several hits.  My best friends dad tried to  maintain the fence for us.  You start of course by looking at the  charger and hoping the light was blinking meaning no shorted out wire.  It was never blinking! He had to lift 30 or 50 ft sections each time,  re-connect them together where deer had struck the fence and broken it   every time he checked it! Woven wire with a strand of electric above is  much better! I also remember fencing my own property near Winston-Salem,  NC to raise pygmy goats. I used 2 by 4 welded wire for a short while,  so they could not stick their heads through and get stuck. They have  better fence to use now if you want small holes, like no climb woven  wire for horses.  I finally went to normal field fencing, and if a  particular goat had the outward curving horns and was getting stuck, he  was for sale! For some time we also stopped the problem of goats heads  stuck with an electric wire down low. Having tried lots of fencing  ideas, I would now recommend to use the right stuff to begin with, like  for Goats, here is woven wire just for that. Welded wire fencing does  not stretch well, and the welds break after a little rusting occurs.