Pasture Fencing

Watterson Tree Farm-Field Fencing

David Watterson and sons love to install field fencing. July 1, 2016  thru  August 31, 2016 are perfect times for fencing work. My favorite  is 47" woven wire and all wooden posts for longevity. We like a  electric fence wire above the fence to prohibit animals from leaning  over to eat grass on the other side.  I have installed barbed wire of  course, and used a mixture of Pressure treated posts and TEE posts.  I  prefer H braces in most cases, occasionally an angle brace is used.  We  welcome pasture fencing, horse fencing and  cattle fence projects. We  are glad to work all types of fencing except chain link, we prefer  installing field fencing. Associate  member CABO(Carolina Alpaca  Breeders Association, authorized Red Brand fence dealer, authorized  Kencove fence dealer. )  


 I prefer H braces in most cases,  occasionally an angle brace is preferred. Additional H braces are  required when stretching across dips in a pasture, but normal fence  bracing is one H brace every 90 feet along a straight run. If a run of  fence between two corners is 150 feet in length, for example, we would  divide the distance and place a brace near the center of 75 feet from  the beginning point. 

My Son Brad

A Family Affair

We recently installed a fence in NC for a  customer who raises Alpacas. They chose four foot tall 4' 2 by 4 welded  wire fence and all wooden posts. 

Alpaca fencing is different in that they don't challenge the fence. Main purpose of Alpaca fencing is to keep dogs out!